Village Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Shellharbour

Why Pilates?

Have you ever wondered why Pilates is recommended for you? Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses not only movements of the body but also mastery of the mind. We like to think that pilates centers around the mind body connection...

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Tradies add health to your toolbox!

August marks Tradies Health Month. A month focused on tradesmen and tools to prioritise you health and safety at work. It is well documented in the literature that men are less likely to seek out the services of a health professional. So to help in bringing a voice to Mens Health, the APA and Safe Work Australia have partnered to bring you Tradies Health Month....

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Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Pilates is a great exercise option for pregnant women, and post pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a journey. Not only does working out with pilates classes ensure you are strong and healthy, it also has a very positive impact on your baby’s mental and physical well-being....

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Pilates Class Timetable

Village Physiotherapy Pilates Class Timetable!

At Village Physio we have a beautiful gym space where we are running Pilates classes.

Please give us a call on 4296 3907 to hear about class times and book your initial pilates class....

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Pilates… Tell me more!

So lets start back when Pilates was created. It was created by Joseph Pilates, a German-born fitness guru, back in the 1920’s. Joseph created unique sequences of movements that worked the mind and muscles in harmony.

Joseph Pilates had a vision and mission to change the state of the world’s health crisis through movement, good nutrition, improved quality of sleep, spending time outdoors, and spending quality time with family and friends. This was back in the 1930’s and as most of you are aware we are still dealing with the same lifestyle and health issues today....

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Pilates is coming to Village Physio!

Over the last month, Maddie has been studying hard for her certification in Matwork Pilates. Starting in February, Maddie will be running both individual and small group classes (max 5) within the clinic. If you are keen to join, please contact the clinic to register your interest....

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