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ACL Injury

Is it my ACL? At Village Physiotherapy Shellharbour, one of the most common questions we get asked is in regards to one of the most commonly injured ligaments in the knee. It seems like this is a sports persons most dreaded injury especially those participating in high risk activities such as...

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Patellofemoral Knee pain

What is Patellofemoral Knee Pain? Patellofemoral (PFJ) knee pain is a common condition especially in the active population. It results in pain around the knee cap. It is often described as a strong ache/pulling sensation and can be difficult to localise. The condition is often aggravated by loaded activities with the knee bent. This includes stairs (particularly downstairs), running, squats and lunges. Sometimes, sitting with knees bent can be irritable too. There is usually no specific cause/injury/trauma. It is often sore during activity, but most noticeable when you have cooled down later that day or the day after....

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Over 50% of our body is made up of water. Water is used to make up bodily fluids, regulate our body temperature and in many other bodily processes required for daily functioning. Not drinking enough fluids can make us tired as well as decrease muscle activity and concentration....

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What is Concussion?

Is a person only concussed if they get knocked out during a game of football? Is it when someone has hit their head and tells you they are seeing stars? What happens if a player does get a concussion? Are they allowed to return to the field of play?...

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Tight hips?

Do you look over at the person next to you in yoga in astonishment??? Do you cringe every time you have to get up/down off the floor???
Well this one is for you!...

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Physiotherapy after ankle sprain?

Do I need physiotherapy after an ankle sprain??


After an ankle sprain you are at a much higher risk of another ankle sprain (if you don’t not have proper rehabilitation)...

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Heat or Ice?

A common question we receive in clinic is - Should I use heat or ice? Surprisingly most people are not aware of what we should be using in certain circumstances. There is alot of conflicting advice surrounding this question but we are going to make it simple for you....

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Neck Injuries in Contact Sports

Neck injuries are common in contact sports. More then what most people think. This blog is targeted at, but not limited to contact sports as we all know life happens and anything can be hurt at any time. Before reading this always remember that neck injuries are not always obvious. ALWAYS Err on the side of caution....

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