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Physiotherapy after ankle sprain?

Do I need physiotherapy after an ankle sprain??


  • After an ankle sprain you are at a much higher risk of another ankle sprain (if you don’t not have proper rehabilitation)
  • If you have multiple ankle sprains, your ankle can become permanently unstable
  • This can increase your risk of wear and tear at the joints eg. Arthritis
  • It can also make the joints very stiff resulting in restricted ankle movement
  • Affecting your ability to perform simple activities eg. land, hopping, jumping, running, going down stairs, squatting (everything!)

ankle sprain

Why can’t I just do balance exercises at home??

Will you be confident knowing what you should be doing?  And will you do it…

We help with:

  • Assessment to determine the extent of the injury and referral for a scan or surgical review, if required.
  • Prescribe an INDIVIDUAL exercise program to restore movement, strength and balance. This is progressed according to your assessments and your goals and sports.
  • Advice regarding aids eg. Brace, boot, taping etc
  • Hands on therapy such as massage and joint mobility techniques, if required.

Written by Physiotherapist – Eliza Edkins.