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Over 50% of our body is made up of water. Water is used to make up bodily fluids, regulate our body temperature and in many other bodily processes required for daily functioning. Not drinking enough fluids can make us tired as well as decrease muscle activity and concentration....

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Weight loss and joint pain the vicious cycle

Did you know that joint pain can be largely attributed to being overweight? Studies have shown that peoples body weight can be amplified by 5-7 times when running, thereby placing a huge amount of pressure on the joints. Given this slice of information, it’s reasonable to think that a loss of only 5kg can make a massive difference in your joint pain....

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Dietary changes to reduce inflammation in your body

Continuing on from our previous blog about the connection between your gut and your immune system, I have included some simple dietary and lifestyle changes that you can make to help reduce inflammation in your body.  This inflammation could be due to injury, poor food choices or a diagnosed inflammatory condition....

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