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Weight loss and joint pain the vicious cycle

Did you know that joint pain can be largely attributed to being overweight? Studies have shown that peoples body weight can be amplified by 5-7 times when running, thereby placing a huge amount of pressure on the joints. Given this slice of information, it’s reasonable to think that a loss of only 5kg can make a massive difference in your joint pain.

Early On in Weight Loss

You start exercising and the extra load going through your joints actually makes the pain worse. You push through as much as you can but eventually you stop exercising because it simply hurts too much and eventually end up gaining more weight than you lost. Rinse and repeat a few times before giving up all together and we call this a vicious cycle.

This is a complex problem that we see all the time as physios. If you’re struggling with these issues come and see us at Village Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Shellharbour and get some advice on how to start exercising and keep exercising.

Your Solution

joint pain

We can help guide you through the process of starting a structured exercise routine that will provide longevity as well as results. These results with be both weight loss and pain reduction. Factors such as running surfaces, footwear, running technique, injury management, goal setting and realistic progressions that minimise injury risk are just some examples of how we can help.

Hope to see you soon.


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