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Tradies add health to your toolbox!

August marks Tradies Health Month. A month focused on tradesmen and tools to prioritise you health and safety at work. It is well documented in the literature that men are less likely to seek out the services of a health professional. So to help in bringing a voice to Mens Health, the APA and Safe Work Australia have partnered to bring you Tradies Health Month.

Tradies Health

A recent study by Safe Work Australia found that while tradies make-up 30% of the workforce, they represent 58% of serious claims through Workers Compensation. The most common injury (18%) is muscular stress caused by incorrect lifting, carrying or moving of objects. Traumatic joint injuries (44%) make up the most common group of serious injuries.

So what can you do to avoid becoming part of the statistics?? Some may think this is a silly question and that the answers are obvious. If they are then why are the figures so high in the research. In reality we tend to prioritise the work we are doing over our own health. With our life being more fast paced and with increased pressure to finish a job we don’t think twice about the way we are moving. Prevention is better then injury with less time away from the job site. So follow these few tips.

  • Maintain good flexibility with 5-10minutes of stretching everyday
  • Take frequent short breaks thoughout the day rather then one long break
  • Keep up good hydration – 2-3 litres daily
  • Keep your core strong – join a pilates class
  • Ensure you are getting good nutrition and sleep

Not only is prevention key, but also being aware of the way you are moving. If something is niggling or not feeling right, don’t push through, stop and seek professional advice. Take care in the way you handle objects – whether they are light or heavy.

Tradies Health

  • Ensure loads are carried close to your body
  • Dont allow awkward or twisted positions
  • Maintain your chest up where possible in an attempt to keep a straight spine
  • Dont be a hero – if it is two heavy – ask for assistance.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment contact one of our lovely staff on 42963907.