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Foam rolling- a few easy tips.

It might feel like you have done enough for your body by getting out and exercising, but your body needs a little bit of help to recover well and to stay injury free. Research is now showing that foam rolling helps to increase circulation so the connective tissue and muscle are getting more oxygen and water than if you just stretched....

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Dietary changes to reduce inflammation in your body

Continuing on from our previous blog about the connection between your gut and your immune system, I have included some simple dietary and lifestyle changes that you can make to help reduce inflammation in your body.  This inflammation could be due to injury, poor food choices or a diagnosed inflammatory condition....

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The link between your gut health and your immune system

Digestive problems, allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, mood disorders and general sickness are just some of the many symptoms that can all be correlated to how well your gut health is being maintained. As more research becomes available, the more it reveals the connections between gut health and its importance to overall health....

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