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When Should I See A Physiotherapist??

One of the mwhen should i see a physiotherapistost common questions we get asked is – Do I need a referral to go to a physiotherapist? Although there are a few exceptions, in general the answer is no.
When talking to people about physiotherapy, it came to my attention that alot of people do not actually understand the vast array of services that we can offer in our profession.



I once had a client say to me that a physiotherapist only treats muscles and a chiropractor only treats bones. This couldn’t be further from the truth. So I have made it my mission to show you what it is a physiotherapist actually does.

Physiotherapy is about moving well. We are trained in the art of identifying poor movement patterns and then returning you to beautiful movement. Most people do not know that they are moving poorly, or they just think the way they move is “normal”. If you seek the assistance of a well trained physiotherapist they should identify your poor movement patterns and work with you to correct these.

So, physiotherapists are not just about pain, injury or muscles – we love the art of how the body moves. We at Village Physio have a passion for movement and restoring your optimal flow.

The answer to  “when should I see a physiotherapist” is actually quite simple – when you feel you don’t move your best. This may relate to:

  • Bending to pick up children/grandchildren
  • Running that is not as light as you would like
  • A stiff back in the mornings
  • You have trouble looking over your shoulder when driving
  • You have a jamming in your hip/shoulder when moving

The list of movement issues is endless. So do you think you are moving as well as what you could be?? If not why not book online to see one of our friendly physios so we can help you to move beautifully again.