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Stay Injury Free Over Christmas

The silly season is almost upon us and holidays just around the corner. Understandably we are all hanging out for a break. But with this in mind we have some sound advice to keep you safe and injury free this Christmas. Afterall, the best present you can give your family and yourself is: HEALTH and HAPPINESS.

Injury Free Christmas

Physiotherapist see many musculoskeletal injuries happen over the holiday season. We all decide to let lose and push our bodies a little bit harder – not only in the eating and drinking category. Rolling an ankle in high heels at a christmas party, straining your back whilst building the biggest surprise for the kids on christmas eve, showing the kids your tricks on the brand new bike or scooter and then there is always the aches and pains from spending time on the couch!!

So what are our best tips to an injury free Christmas and a happy holiday season:

  • Avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time – if you are sitting take note of your posture.
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads of shopping at the Boxing Day specials – get a trolley or do trips to and from the car.
  • Stay active – whether it is a stroll, run or playing backyard cricket, get out and move the body.
  • Buy gifts that require physical activity.
  • Maintain your limits of physical activity and think before you try and show off to the kids – doing that trick on the skateboard from when you were 18 may not be a great idea.

The most important thing is to enjoy the silly season. Eat well (choose the healthier option), keep hydrated (not only with alcohol) and have lots of laughs.

Village Physio wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year.