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What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy benefits everyone. It is the systemic manipulation of soft tissues of the body to promote circulation. Softening tense muscles, tendons and ligaments will increase blood flow, allowing physical and psychological changes for healing and well being. The power of massage is the flow of energy through the hands of the therapist to refresh, regenerate and re-energize.

Regular massage therapy is an important health aid to reduce the risk of injury, decrease pain, improve flexibility, lower stress levels, improves sleep and aid in relaxation.

Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage Therapy Benefits

Types of Massage Therapy

There are numerous types of massage, with each having individual benefits to the client.

Relaxation – a nurturing, therapeutic, pampering massage which can relieve stress, tired and aching muscles promoting relaxation and relief.

Remedial – targets problem areas by assessing and treating with a combination of deep tissue, trigger point, cupping, muscle energy, myofascial release techniques to name a few, to aid in the recovery of injuries, rehabilitation and pain management.

Sports – treats and aids in preventing injuries, improves recovery, flexibility and endurance, enhances athlete’s performance.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – aids in manually moving lymphatic fluid through the body to promote detoxification and decreases fluid retention to reduce swelling. Advisable after some surgical procedures. It is a very gentle, rhythmic, relaxing massage.

Pregnancy – can assist with easing the uncomfortable changes your body is going through. Easing out tension and stress, nurturing both mother and baby.

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