Village Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Shellharbour

Knee Pain Tips

The team at Village Physiotherapy Shellharbour have been seeing many current clients and also new clients presenting with knee pain. It appears that people are trying to get back into some activity with this beautiful weather, however with the year that 2020 has been most people are deconditioned. This is resulting in swollen inflamed knees that have just come out of the blue. There has been no injury, no falls, twists or trips. Most of these painful swollen knees have just appeared overnight.

So what are the common findings that team Village Physiotherapy Shellharbour are seeing?

  • Swollen warm to touch knees
  • Weak VMO and gluteal muscles
  • Overactive and tight outer quadricep muscles
  • Weak through the core stabilisers of the trunk
  • General deconditioning
  • Poor range of motion

The above findings have the effect of difficult with navigating stairs, chairs and general walking. Along with this comes difficulty with moving in bed at night and alot of overall discomfort. Most of the time these symptoms can be due to arthritic irritation or poor tracking of the knee cap. Two things that the team at Village Physiotherapy Shellharbour can help you with. You dont need to be in pain, so what are our top tips:

  1. If it’s inflamed, apply some compression, ice, and put your feet up for a bit of a rest. If needed and you are able to, try some anti-inflammatories
  2. Strength – work on strengthening your quadriceps, gluteals and core muscles. This will then enable you knee to move optimally and efficiently decreasing pain and inflammation
  3. Footwear – ensure you have correct fitting footwear that is ideal for the activity you are performing.

If you’re unsure about how to use this information or if you are in severe pain, please give us a call so we can assess and treat you accordingly. We look forward to helping you have a painfree active summer.