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Headaches can be caused by a number of different triggers. Sometimes headaches can be stress/tension related and sometimes they can be severe migraines. Sometimes however, headaches can be attributable to what’s going on with our neck and posture. As a very rough guideline to determine whether a headache is stemming from a neck issue or not, we can look to particular signs and symptoms in the table below to see what type of headache a client may be experiencing:

Sourced from Physiopedia

What are cervicogenic headaches?
A cervicogenic headache is caused by referred pain arising from an aggravation of the upper cervical structures (including the facet joints, discs, ligaments and musculature), innervated by the cervical spinal nerves.

How can a physiotherapist help treat my cervicogenic headaches?
– Soft tissue release work +/- dry needling to relax tight and tense musculature around the head and neck
– Mobilisations and/or manipulations to help reduce stiffness and regain normal movement of the upper spine
– Cervical strengthening exercises to help stabilise the head and neck and take tension off the over-active, global muscles
– Postural correction and advise to help reduce excess strain and incorrect alignment

If you think you are suffering from cervicogenic headaches or are unsure and have been a long term headache sufferer, why not come and see one of our Physios for assessment and treatment.

Bridget Shirlow