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Exos CastEXOS CAST – your probably thinking it wont be for you or that it will be too expensive. At Village Physiotherapy we have a passion for making life easier for all of our clients. Your happiness comes first. As a result we try to find tools and treatments that work in best with your lifestyle.

Recently we have introduced a new product called EXOS CAST to our toolbox. This form of cast is used in the treatment of fractures to the wrist and  hand. It is not a replacement for traditional fibreglass casting, but rather an option for you to decide to use.

Exos cast is a removable, waterproof cast that is custom fit. There are numerous benefits to it use, including:


  • Reformable – allowing us to re-mould the brace to accommodate changes (swelling, muscle wasting) during the healing stages
  • Adjustable – minimising the risk of compartment syndrome and allowing YOU to find your fit
  • Waterproof – beach, pool, showering – all a walk in the park with exos cast
  • Removable – each brace is custom fit. Being removable, skin care becomes a breeze

One of our favourite benefits is the ability to wear it to the beach. With summer fast upon us, who wants a fractured arm holding you back from cooling off and playing in the sand.

Traditionally with a fibreglass cast you are unable to get sand in the cast as it can causes skin irritation. Due to fibreglass not being porous, we are unable to notice skin irritation until the cast is removed. With the exos cast, going to the beach is simple. If whilst at the beach, sand gets into the brace, simply remove it, rinse the arm and brace. Once clean you re-apply the exos cast – no need to worry about skin irritation.

So, who is exos ideal for?? Really anyone can use an exos cast. Personally, I believe they are fantastic for kids. We constantly remind kids not to stick rulers, pens etc down their fibreglass cast when they get itchy – yet they continue to. With exos cast – the skin can be cleaned and kept healthy! Oh and they are super comfy.

You may be wondering about cost – they acutally cost the same as a fibreglass cast hence why we love them so much!!

If you are interested in one or just want to ask some questions – why not pop in or give us a call to have a chat.