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Office Desk Ergonomics

Your office desk ergonomics are crucial is assisting you to minimise pain as a result of long periods of sitting. Changing your desk layout may be important however, one posture is not perfect for everyone all of the time. Regular breaks from sitting help to reduce fatigue. Try to organise your work schedule to allow you to move from the one position.

Below are some tips to help you improve your desk layout.


Most of us think from the floor up – “I need my feet flat on the floor”- but this needs to be changed. First and foremost you need to be aware of your arm height. When sitting at a computer you want your elbows bent to 90deg. This will prevent hitching of the shoulders or slouching in order to reach the desk.

Ensure you are utilising the back rest of the chair – yes it is there for a reason! Ensure the back rest is aligned so the curve rests in the curve of your lumbar spine. Additional lumbar supports can be used if needed.

Computer Screen

The height of the screen should be at your eye level or just below – if needed place your screen on some books to booster it up.

Your monitor should be an arms length away – this will give space for your keyboard and document holders.


When we are busy we have lots of things cluttering our desk. Often the things we need most are away from us. Generally we should try to keep items we use continuously within a distance that is reachable with elbows bent to 90 degrees. Any other items can be an arms length away or a distance where you need to get up from your chair.

desk ergonomics

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