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Ankle injury

How many times have you had an ankle injury and just thought “it will be fine, walk it out”. The fact is if you’ve ever rolled your ankle you’re probably going to do it again.

Have you ever heard someone say “it’s just a sprain”? A common belief that an ankle injury is not of high importance is something that needs to be addressed. Although ankle sprains are not life threatening and people can often continue playing after a sprain, it doesn’t mean the injury shouldn’t be managed. For years now, we’ve known that the greatest risk factor for a sprained ankle is having done it before. Some very simple and cost effective management can be provided by a physiotherapist to help both timely healing and minimising the risk of recurrence, thereby helping you enjoy life to the fullest.

Ankle Injury

Sports such as netball, basketball, soccor and hockey have a high incidence of ankle injuries. We are at the start of winter sport season – you don’t want a recurring ankle injury putting you out for the rest of the season. Why not come in and let us set you off on the right foot 🙂