Neck Injuries

Do you suffer from headaches? Have you ever had a headache that bad and wondered if it was a migraine? Do you need to take strong medication and head for a dark quiet room? Are they disrupting your life?

Many people think of headaches as a “not to worry” condition. Pop a few panadol and get on with life. Yes, there are the odd few that are ok to do that with, but when they are daily, disrupting you life and making you feel unwell, it is time to do something.

Your headaches and/or migraines may be caused by structures in the neck /jaw, stress or dehydration. In addition, further afield areas may also be the cause of your headaches. For instance your stiff thoracic spine or that old ankle injury you had years ago may be the cause. At Village Physiotherapy Shellharbour we will complete a thorough history and assessment to work out what type of headache/ migraine you are suffering from. Therefore enabling us to pin-point what structures, tissues and other factors are involved in causing your episodes.  We will form a treatment plan specific to you to ensure resolution of your headaches or migraines.

Therapy may include:

  • Soft tissue release for the tight regions
  • Dry needling
  • Joint mobilisations to ensure your neck moves well
  • Postural education in multiple settings to promote optimal spinal loading
  • Strengthening of muscles with a personalised programme targeting your problem areas
  • Sleeping education (pillow and mattress)
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