Bridget Shirlow

Bridget Shirlow is an enthusiastic new team member who graduated with her Masters of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Applied Science from La Trobe University Melbourne in 2020. She is also a qualified mat-work Pilates instructor. Bridgets has a keen interest in using exercise to empower clients to take control of their health and manage their condition(s).   

Bridget has played competitively in a variety of sports including netball, touch football, softball and long-distance running. With her experience and understanding of the various impacts and stresses that are placed on the body during sports such as running and netball, Bridget is interested in treating knee, ankle and foot injuries. She enjoys helping clients to identify the underlying biomechanical issues associated with their pain. She is passionate about addressing these contributing issues and loves providing clients with the tools and knowledge to better understand their condition and what they can do to help themselves improve.

Outside of Physiotherapy, Bridget is often found enjoying a cup of tea on the couch, enjoying the beach or exploring the local bushwalking trails.