Matwork PilatesWant to overhaul the way you feel in your body?? Well Pilates is the form of exercise for you. Performed on mats using balls, circles and bands, our pilates classes are perfect for helping you rehabilitate your injury whether it is acute or chronic.

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise which has the ability to make a difference in your body without taking a toll  on your health. There are many benefits to pilates including:

  • Developing a strong core
  • Gaining long lean muscles and flexibility
  • Learning how to move efficiently and effectively
  • Development of an evenly conditioned body – decreasing injury risk and improving posture/sport performance
  • Tuning into your breath – creating a resound mind-body connection
  • It is gentle whilst also challenging.

Some say they wont be able to do the exercises but most get a surprise at what their body is able to do. Whether it is weakness or being tight that is holding you back, there is an exercise for everyone. At Village Physiotherapy we run a range of different classes with special classes for:

  • Pre-natal Pilates
  • Post-natal Pilates (feel free to bring in those bubs)

Within our Pre-Natal Classes, exercises are targeted at preparing your body for motherhood. Focus is on attaining a strong core during the months of pregnancy as well as posture for post pregnancy. Post Natal Classes are designed to help with strengthening your body post birth and assist in returning you to the activities you enjoy.

All classes are run by one of our wonderful Physiotherapy or Osteopathy staff members.

Why not check out the timetable below and book in a session to come along. Multi-pass classes are available.

“In 10 session you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a new body” – Joseph Pilates
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