Applied Movement Classes

Want to overhaul the way you feel in your body?? Village Physiotherapy Shellharbours Applied Movement classes are for you. Designed around the idea of “Movement as Medicine” our classes will challenge your weak and tight areas to give you an overall better experience of how your body can move.

Your body is designed to be strong yet mobile, stable but free flowing. If you have ever watched a gymnast or rock climber you will see how effortless and fluid their movements are. To achieve effortless movement we need a system that is working optimally.

The majority of us have one way primary way of using and moving our bodies. Overtime this becomes the only habit we have leading to an increased risk of injury and pain. Applied Movement classes will enable you to work towards your movement goals. The benefits of attending will include:

  • Developing a strong core that supports the movement of your body
  • Gaining long lean muscles and flexibility
  • Learning how to move efficiently and effectively
  • Development of an evenly conditioned body – decreasing injury risk and improving posture/sport performance
  • Tuning into your breath – creating a resound mind-body connection

What to expect.

The classes have a variety of floor based exercises, functional movement exercises and stretch and release techniques to help you move the best way you can.

Prior to attending, we ask that you book in for an initial consultation where we can assess your current movement patterns. This will allow us to tailor the classes towards your goals and movement needs.

At Village Physiotherapy Shellharbour we also cater classes for the mum to be or the mum with a bub. Our post-natal classes are a fantastic way to increase strength and mobility in a controlled fashion ensuring that your body returns to balance. So we can ensure to assist you in returning to your best, we advise a pre-assessment. These classes are tailored to incorporate the specific needs of post partum women.

Pre-natal classes are also offered.

Our wonderful Physiotherapy staff members instruct each class. Classes are 60min duration.

Why not check out the times below and book in a session to come along. Multi-pass classes are available.

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