Chronic pain management

Effective chronic pain management is key in assisting you to deal with chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain lasting beyond the normal healing time of 3 months. It is a broad term that does not tell us much about the quality or severity of pain. As a result, effective management requires a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan.

All of us experience pain differently. Depending on what our pain has resulted from can dictate if it is paired with fear or not. We all have fear, however this fear is associated with movements, activities or certain things in our life resulting from the injury. As a result, management requires an understanding of the brains involvement in pain generation. 

Our aim is to help you understand your pain, therefore improving your quality of life. Detailed education, tailored functional exercises, and self management strategies are key. Above all understanding and kind support from our staff will help keep you on track ensuring you feel empowered to become pain-free.

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