Anne Ping-Nam

 Remedial Massage Therapy

Anne Ping Nam studied Remedial Massage Therapy at NSW TAFE Sydney. She completed the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice in 2013 and followed up with her Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy in 2014 passing with a Distinction.

Anne has worked in the health industry for 25 yrs in many different roles from aged care nursing as an AIN, to Oncology nursing as an EN and as an Administration Officer for a very busy Allied Health outpatient 

service in Wollongong Hospital. Anne has worked with physios for 12 years.

Finally as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Anne has found her calling in life. Her motto is, it is never too late to learn something new. She has a passion for helping people find pain relief and improve their health and movement to get on with living their amazing lives. She believes that the body is an amazing piece of engineering and can help heal itself when given the right tools and opportunities to do so, which is what all manual therapies aid the body to do. She will always work within each client’s pain tolerance and treats to their comfort level to gain maximum results.

Anne has always looked for new ways to help people with chronic and acute conditions. This has led her to becoming a Physiokey and Myofascial Cupping practitioner as well.

The Physiokey employs the process of non-invasive, interactive neurostimulation, used to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, reducing muscular spasm resulting in improved function, flexibility and accelerated healing time. It is relatively new technology to Australia and to the Illawarra. Myofascial Cupping techniques are gentle and non marking, used to help release muscular tension.

Her interests, apart from looking after her family, are snow skiing, bushwalking, playing golf and being a pillion on a BMW touring bike but the best of all is being a new grandmother with 2 beautiful babies born in 2017.