Connect TherapyVillage Physiotherapy Shellharbour is proud to be the only clinic in the Illawarra/South Coast offering ConnectTherapy services.

Having undergone training and continuing to further her education, Maddie is the physiotherapist to see for ConnectTherapy assessment and treatment.


ConnectTherapyTM  and The Thoracic Ring ApproachTM  are a holistic approach to the assessment and management of your symptoms.

Developed by Dr Linda-Joy Lee, ConnectTherapy enables us to find the true cause of your problem rather than just treating your symptoms. This is achieved first by listening in detail to your story. Past injuries or symptoms you may not think are important will be to us. The more you tell us the more we can help you.

Through functional movement analysis and a hands on approach, our therapists will be able to find the true cause. Once found, treatment uses a multimodal approach with your movement patterns being optimised. This reduces the risk of further pain and/or injury.

ConnectTherapy treatment focuses around neuroplasticity in the brain, which is the ability to change the brains way of using our bodies.  Yes that means you can teach an old dog new tricks – it just takes time. With the correct education, management and exercise program, our therapists will make you move better, feel better and live better.

The Thoracic Ring Approach is a 3D approach to assessment and management of of the thorax. With the thorax being an important center for weight transfer, breathing and also innervating many of our vital organs it is key for optimal function in this area to occur.

Do you feel stiff through you upper back? Feel like not amount of rolling, needling or stretching is easing your pain? Wondered why your lower back or pelvic pain has never fully recovered despite treatment? The Thoracic Ring Approach and ConncectTherapy may be the answer for you.

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