Matt Klaczkiewicz

MattMatt Klaczkiewicz graduated from University of Sydney in 2010 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy). Matt has done extensive sports coverage for AFL and soccer teams and has vast experience with on-field assessment of acute injuries and developing return to sport/activity programs for individuals of all ages post injury.

Matt has worked closely with orthopaedic surgeons to develop sound knowledge in the post-operative rehabilitation of knees, ankles, hips, backs and shoulders, including trauma, arthroscopic and joint replacements. Matt has a special interest in acute and chronic injuries of the lower back, shoulder and knee.

Matt prides himself on two things:

  • making sure patients have a clear understanding of what is causing their pain.
  • developing treatment targeted to individual patient’s symptoms and needs based on the most up to date research of effective physiotherapy treatment.

This is because while two people may have a diagnosis of “shoulder impingement”, what they need to use their shoulder for and how quickly they need a solution may lead to two completely different rehabilitation processes.

Matt is a keen cricketer, runner and golfer.