Madelayne Beevers

Madelayne BeeversMadelayne Beevers studied her Masters of Physiotherapy graduating in 2009. Prior to this she completed her Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science). The founder of Village Physiotherapy, Maddie believes that pain, injury or decreased performance can be rectified through thorough assessment and management techniques and that no two individuals will require the same management.

Madelayne Beevers passion in physiotherapy is within the region of optimising movement patterns following any injury/surgery thus enabling you to return to what you love. Maddie is trained in the application of ConnectTherapy, a wholistic assessment and treatment process focusing on meaningful tasks to each individual. This enables her to individualise all treatments to a clients specific needs and goals.

Madelayne Beevers enjoys a challenge in the workplace and in line with her ConnectTherapy she likes to work with chronic pain clients. The challenge of sorting out the chronic pain puzzle and working closely wth clients to understand why their pain has become chronic is a passion of hers. Chronic pain is a mystery to most, however Maddie enjoys educating clients about the science behind it. Maddie enjoys treating people with knee, shoulder and pelvic pain and is particularly interested in the effects of decreased core activation and its effect on the body.

Outside of Physiotherapy, Maddie has a passion for the outdoors including rowing, snow skiing, hiking, mountain bike riding and camping.