Taping and Fibreglass Casting

taping and fibreglass castingtaping and fibreglass castingTaping and fibreglass casting are services provided at Village Physiotherapy.

We use both sports and K-Taping techniques. Taping is applied after comprehensive assessment of the joint and in regards to specific sports needs. Taping may be applied as part of a physiotherapy treatment session. If you require some taping prior to weekend sport, this can be organised for a small fee.

Fibreglass casts are a lightweight, water resistance alternative to plaster casts in the management of broken bones. Casts are quickly applied within the clinic. Within the clinic we have tools to safely remove fibreglass casts. Please contact reception to book an appointment and discuss pricing.

new Cast to village physiotherapy

Hot off the shelves!! We now stock EXOS Cast. A new removable form of casting for fractures of the wrist and hand. Exos Cast has numerous benefits:

  • Reformable – allowing us to re-mould the brace to accommodate changes (swelling, muscle wasting) during the healing stages
  • Adjustable – minimising the risk of compartment syndrome and allowing YOU to find your fit
  • Waterproof – beach, pool, showering – all a walk in the park with exos cast
  • Removable – each brace is custom fit. Being removable, skin care becomes a breeze

Exos Cast- Short Arm Fracture Brace - Open Thumb

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